Hey again everyone,

Last time, I began to share a little bit about my opinion on fashion and now I would like to continue this topic. Here’s an excerpt from the last blog: “I hate being just like everyone else. That’s why I wear flip flops to school. I mean, WHO DOES THAT?!? Nobody. It’s all about ‘Oh, Vans are SOO bomb’ or ‘Converse is hands down the best shoe ever created’ and I’m all like, ‘Yup, I agree,’ while wearing my sandals.”

I love flip flops. My feet feel so free while wearing them. If it’s hot out (which it usually is in SoCal), I can wave my feet around and feel the cool air rushing through my toes immediately. Plus, I hate wet socks. They’re gross. Ugh. Or another thing: These days it is cool to wear a hoodie and/or jeans just about EVERY DAY, no matter the weather. I go to school in a T-shirt and shorts just about every day and I’M SWEATING! How in the world can people be surviving in a hoodie and jeans?!? Why even wear them?!?

The point I’m driving at is this: Why should we conform to what is considered “popular” if we have to sacrifice comfort?

Here’s why: it’s COOOOOOOL. Yeah. These days it takes sacrificing your comfort and money (“cool” clothes are expensive) to fit in with the rest of the crowd. Why? I once heard someone say,

Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.

Imagine a world where everyone was the same. I firmly believe that that would be the most boring thing in the entire world. Picture this:

“Hey, Jeff.”

“Hey, Jeff.”

“How’s it going?”

“Well, you know…”

“Yeah, you’re right. I do.”

“Haha… So how’s your mom?”

“Same as yours.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well… Bye Jeff.”

“See ya Jeff.”


So much boring-ness.


There are so many books about this kind of stuff, and they all have this one thing in common: IT’S NOT A GOOD THING TO HAVE EVERYONE BE THE SAME. Despite this, the future of the world seems to be heading in this direction. Everyone wearing the same styles of uncomfortable fashion. Everyone getting iPhones. Everyone doing the same things as everyone else! I mean, come on! We all know that Androids are WAY better  😉  😉  😉 !!!

Going back and re-reading what I just wrote, I am left astonished at how I went from ranting about flip flops to the world heading in a downwards direction. HA. Just another day in my brain I guess  🙂

ANYWAYS, I do have quite a few exceptions to my views on fashion. There are times where we do need to sacrifice our comfort and look better. For me, one of those times is church. I am personally a Christian, and when I go to church, I like to dress up a lot more appropriate for what I go to church for: being in the presence of God. Just as how one would not go before President Obama wearing short-shorts, a tank top, and flip flops, one cannot stand before the presence of the One who made EVERYTHING and look low-end. Here’s the point: when it’s a matter of showing respect for people or when we’re the ones that need to be shown respect to, we must look presentable.

Once again, please like this post and leave a comment on any other topics that you would like to hear my opinion on. Also, if you disagree with me on something, please let me know and provide your counter-arguments. I would love to read and reply to it. You never know, you might even change my stance on things  🙂


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