Take a Stand

Since no one has recommended me anything to do (again), I decided to just blog about my own type of topic.

Take a Stand.

Such a cliche statement, yet it is so powerful.

When we were created, we were given the greatest gift that anyone can receive: the ability to choose. Instead of being programmed robots with no ability to make any choice, we were blessed with being able to have our own opinions about stuff.

Come to think of it, that sounds just like what my blog is about :); believing in something and then telling everyone about it. What a powerful gift that is.

I guess that this blog is just to encourage you guys to make use of this gift that we have. If you have an opinion, don’t hold back about it! I have a big problem where I care too much about what people think. This blog helps me to counter that. I am able to just sit down, think, and pour out my feelings on a digital page and not care who reads it. It’s pretty great. I encourage you guys, though, to not have to be like me. Be able to say what you want to say wherever you are. Don’t be afraid of what others say! If you believe that, I don’t know, ice cream is not as good as gelato, then say it! What is the worst thing that can happen? Someone says, “I disagree”? So what! Argue your point! It’s fun!

Or how about these elections? I am personally a Trump supporter. I take a stand in my beliefs on his political views. I like to do that. You guys may favor Hillary Clinton over him, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Even though she lost, it isn’t wrong to have opposing views about it with somebody!

There’s a catch though. Please be polite about it. Usually when you have a stance on something, you are trying to convince others to have the same position. From my past experience, I can tell you that getting all up in someone’s face and yelling about why you believe what you do will not work. It will just push them farther away from embracing your beliefs. No, the best way is to, nicely and politely, explain to them why your position is better. To bring it back to elections, VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER. Sure, riots are fine (but I don’t know what that will help you with) but this (excuse the language) is just going too far! What do you expect to happen?!? THIS MUST STOP!!!!! YOU’RE NOT CONVINCING ANYBODY TO DO ANYTHING BUT ARREST YOU THIS WAY!!!!

I know that this was not really your typical funny and innocent blog from me, but I feel that it was necessary regardless. Consider this measly high school student’s blog a call for unity. Please America, unite under the president which YOU selected as a country through the system in which YOU supported ever since the establishment of our country! Please, America, please.


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