Why’s every 4th Thursday in November so special?!?

Thanksgiving is either coming up, here, or has just passed (depending on when you read this). I hope that you all had a great time pretending to enjoy spending time with your families, gaining another 60 pounds, and the best part, NO SCHOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re anything like me, though, you have a bunch of homework anyways. I vacationed to Beaver Creek, Colorado,  this week and I’ve been doing homework every day :/ . It’s Wednesday as I write this and I still have an essay to write. Well, I have an entire day of driving back to look forward to πŸ™‚ .

ANYWAY, I wanted to write about Thanksgiving in this “edition” (is that what this is called?). For some reason, it was decided that every fourth Thursday of the month of November would be known as a national day of thanks. That was such a good idea! Yet while many people like to see Thanksgiving as a once-a-year thing, I wish that people would see it as a reminder of everyday life.

This is what I mean: Thanksgiving was meant to be a day to do what the name means, to give thanks. My question, though, is how come this is only done once a year– if that (most people don’t even take some time to reflect on their blessings on Thanksgiving). Do your blessings exemplify more on that day compared to other days? Here’s my point: Thanksgiving should be a reminder for what we should be doing every day, reflecting on all that we’ve been given. I’m guilty of not doing this too. There’s never a time when you can be too thankful.

I have another challenge for you guys. No matter when you read this, I want you to find a day of the week where you’ll take some time to reflect on everything in your life that you’ve been blessed with. Don’t stop until your list gets ten items. Once that day of the week comes up again, add another ten things on the same list without repeating yourself. The challenge is to be able to do this for 4 months. That’s only 160 things, you can do it πŸ™‚ .

This whole discussion brings up an important question, though. There are only two times when you say “Thank you”: when you give someone something and they don’t thank you for it so you say it for them and when someone else gives you something. In this case, the reason must be the latter. So then whom are we thanking? Who gave us something that triggers us to thank the being for the gift? As a strong Christian believer, I would argue that this being must be God.

I believe that everything we were/are given is a blessing from God. There’s no way that I would be where I am without His blessings. He gave me a family that supports me, money to be able to go on vacations, friends that I know would stick by me in times of trouble, EVERYTHING. He even gives me OXYGEN! Look, I’m already like halfway through my first day’s list πŸ˜€ .

Whoever you believe is the one that deserves to be thanked is up to you. That may be family members, friends, a supernatural being, etc. I just implore you to truly research and ask around about my faith πŸ™‚ .

This concludes my 5th blog post. Please continue to leave some sweet comments and ideas for me to blog about. See ya next time, folks XD .



  1. You have some good ideas Jake. I don’t know if I know anybody as good as you. Maybe you should talk about soccer, and how do you think we should promote soccer in u.s..


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