The 21st Century. An era that seems to be ran by some really time-consuming things: cell phones.

A while back, the telegraph was invented. It was an incredible way to be able to communicate to others through a digital letter. Then came calling. That must have seemed like an insane idea when it came out. Imagine the thought of talking to a piece of plastic with some holes in it and hearing someone respond back from it! Astonishing! These days, we seem to have preferred moving back to the telegraph sort of thinking, because we prefer to spend 2 hours of writing things down and receiving them in order to have a conversation of 2-3 minutes on a phone call.

Either way, texting is EXTREMELY popular. It has become the go-to form of communication.

For some.

I’m one of those people who will answer to anything that people will communicate to me about in under 10 minutes max of receiving the message. Sadly, though, there are not very people left that still do this.

There are some who check their phones on a once-a-day basis. There are some that see hear their phone ring but just don’t feel like answering. Then there are some that everyone hates who just come on a group chat VERY rarely and then just spam a bunch of stuff. Or (what I think is the worst) there are some jerks out there who open the message, read what you say, and then don’t reply—even if they were asked a question!

We all know those people. Maybe YOU are one of those people. So let me just say on behalf of everyone who actually cares about others… STOP!

I can say from personal experience that it is one of the most enraging things to desperately need an answer from someone and I just cannot seem to get a hold of them within like 3 hours!

Please note, I am not encouraging people to spend more time on their phones. I honestly do not consider myself to spend THAT much time on my phone. What I do instead is these two things: I do not participate in group chats and such that do not benefit me in any way whatsoever (I do participate in ones that are either advantageous or relaxing/disconnecting) and I keep my phone near me almost all the time. This way, I know that the notifications that I receive are important and that I can answer.

I do have my limits, though. For example, I do not keep my phone near me when I sleep, do homework that requires me to focus, or am studying my Bible. In those times, I firmly believe that anything that someone will call/text me about is not as important as what I am currently doing. Sleep is something that is very precious in my life, especially when it is very scarce to get a good amount of it. Some homework just doesn’t require that much focus (such as math) because it is just numbers and such. Other assignments, such as some Biology and English stuff, makes the utmost attention an absolute necessity. Studying the Bible doesn’t even need me to explain why it’s so important.

Here’s the point of my blog: Don’t give people half-answers. Don’t force people to ask themselves questions about the conversation after the conversation is over.

Here’s an example: You’re checking your Instagram feed before you leave for school on a Wednesday. All of a sudden, you receive a text from your mom (who left for work about 2 minutes prior) saying, “Don’t forget to take out the trashes!”

What do you do? Do you just go take the trash and then head to school? Do you just not do anything? Do you reply, “Haha no. Forget you, mom,”???


Especially not that last one J

Instead, you should reply, “OK,” (or just “K” if you’re one of those ballers 😉 ) and then go ahead and take the trash out. After doing so, text her again saying something along the lines of, “Done.” This way, you don’t leave any questions for your Mom to wonder, Hmm… I wonder if he read my text… Do you think that he did it? Should I maybe call him to get his attention? See? Question-proof answers are the way to go J

Please follow my advice and please continue your kind feedback, my growing audience ❤ 😉


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