It was just a mater of time before I got to this great topic.

Everyone has loved this game at one point, no matter how “too cool for dat” they seem to play it. That’s a fact.

I personally have so many memories from this game. Oh boy, don’t even get me started. The trolling of people, the teaming up with people and having the best of time destroying everyone’s homes. Ah, the good ole’ days.

I remember how I always wanted to play on servers but my computer was horribly laggy and I wouldn’t be able to see anything when I would try to log on. Because of this, I found great joy in watching my friends play online when I was at their house. I would always decline when they asked me to play because… well… I sucked 😀

The most popular server back then was Mineplex. I don’t know what’s popular now because I haven’t played in a long time. I remember that I was SO addicted to playing the Hunger Games minigame on the server. I sucked so bad at it :D. Yet isn’t it funny how sometimes people (especially noobs) seem to still want to do something regardless of how good they are at it. I guess that counts as either a positive look at life or a time-consuming addiction. Depends on how you look at it lol ;).

It’s funny how if you’re over 12 and still play Minecraft then you’re looked down upon for playing “baby games”. Yet the same people that make fun are the same ones that are spending all their time playing games like GTA, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. I’m not trying to compare the amount of fun in each of the games, but this is where I appreciate Minecraft as being a game that is at least a little bit more moral. The above mentioned games use such morbid language and have some very obsene scenes and themes that I’m surprised they were even allowed to be sold! Since those the games that are being played by today’s adolescents, they are teaching that living immoral lives is the norm! They are foolishly taught that cussing and drugs and other “bad” things are supposed to be part of every day life! That’s not good! At least Minecraft creates a safe environment!

Looking back, this blog went from Minecraft to videogames in general lol. Thanks for reading and see y’all next time 😀


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