Cheap or nah?

This is one of the most difficult challenges in my life. Those who know me can surely vouch for me when I say that I’m cheap. I just really don’t like paying more when I can pay so much less.


Although what I said can be a good trait, it can also be very bad when you find yourself in those moments wheusare you don’t have a choice. Here’s an example: I
went to a trampoline park where they made you pay for a cup of water. Now, its not like I didn’t have the money (it was somewhere around 50 cents), but for me the problem was that I was PAYING FOR A CUP OF WATER. How could I in my right mind pay for something that I seem to have too much of at home?! Such a thing was unthinkable. So, obviously, I just bid my time and once I got home, I downed a good 4 cups of cold water from my fridge—FOR FREE.

I had almost the same experience when I went hiking once. In order to get to the trail, you had to take a bus. At the end of the hike, you had to wait for the busses to come back so that they can take you back to your car. No joke, the line to the


Totally where I went hiking

bus was somewhere around 2 hours long. After you finish a hike, of course you’ll be thirsty, no? Well, a bottle of water was somewhere around $5—and they had no drinking fountains! Those geniuses got SO many people to pay like 10x the cost that a water bottle should be just because they knew that the people had no other choice! (I said geniuses because although it sucks to be the recipient of that injustice, they made so much money off of everyone that bought water :D)

Moral of the stories? I am VERY cheap.

But not always.

Here’s an example. I was trying to get some in-ear headphones recently that were of usadecent quality and still sounded nice. The obvious choice were the Apple EarPods. Look at the picture. Can you tell which one is fake if I was wearing them at school or something? No you wouldn’t be able to. Yet I would know that they were fake because I bought them AND (most importantly) because the sound quality would not even be close to the level that they should be. In this case, I would’ve bought original headphones.

Of course, I wouldn’t get them right from the Apple Store because they would be crazy expensive. I would get them somewhere else for a lot cheaper, probably Amazon :D.

Point is, sometimes you should pay more and get more out of it and be super cheap and get your money’s worth on it.

Here’s another area that is very important to me: my cell phone. I always try to upgrade to the newest phone, even if there’s not much different from its predecessor. For example, I paid about $100 more than an iPhone 6S to get the iPhone 7. Why? I knew that the iPhone 6S will go way down in price next year and when I sell my 7, I will be saving a lot more money for the amount of cash I save because of the 6S price drop. Here’s what I’m trying to say: iphone-7-control-center-bluetoothit is better to dish out another $100 every year (along with the money you make from selling your old phone) and upgrade to the newest phone instead of having to come up with $1000+ (judging by phone rates these days) to buy a brand new phone once your super old junkie phone is worth nothing anymore.

These are just my opinions about how much money to dish out on stuff. Hope you enjoyed J


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