El Clasico

The biggest sports rivalry in the world.

The two best teams in the world.

April 13rd, 2017. 11:45 AM PST.

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona.

El Clasico.

What a game. It did not fall short of all the hype built around it. The top two teams in La Liga battling it out with nothing short of the league title on the line.

Here’s the background info to the match: Barcelona (the team I have always supported :D) came into the game 3 points behind Real Madrid and Madrid also had a game in hand. The match was also played at Real Madrid’s home stadium, the Santiago Bernabeu. textBoth of the teams played a game during the week before the game. Real Madrid played against Bayern Munich on Tuesday and Barcelona played Juventus on Wednesday. If you didn’t notice, Real Madrid also had an extra day of rest. Real Madrid won their Bayern game 4-2 with an impressive comeback from being down 1-2. (That is not mentioning the fact that 2 of Real’s goals were from offside positions). This meant that they finished with a confident 6-3 aggregate with both quarter-final legs in the Champions League and therefore moved on to the semi-final stage. downloadBarcelona on the other hand tied Juve 0-0 and therefore lost with an agg. score of 0-3 and were knocked out of the Champions League. How to take this information is up to you, but I saw it as Barca having crushed hopes as they came into the match. Also, Barca’s Neymar, who is regarded as the third best player in the world, is banned from the match. Gareth Bale was pronounced healthy enough to play the Clasico.

Next lets discuss the actual match. Real Madrid started the match with an impressive display of offence as they were in Barca’s half for very much of the first half. Cristiano Ronaldo had a penalty claim that was turned down by the ref in the first few minutes of the game. I personally think that it was not a penalty because although there was contact from Umtiti, the ball was too far from Ronaldo to be a pen. textTer Stegen had to make very many saves to keep his side in the game. Messi destroyed Casemiro early on and Casemiro lashed out and got himself an early yellow. Marcelo elbowed Messi and sent him down with a bloody mouth and forced Messi to play with a tissue in his mouth to stop the blood. Then in the 28th minute, Ramos received a killer pass from Marcelo (who was purely on fire the entire game) and he got it around Ter Stegen into the post, which deflected to the other side of the goal to Casemiro who had an easy tap in for a goal. Although ugly, Madrid were happy to be 1-0 up to their “eternal rivals”. It only took 5 minutes for Messi to put his team on his shoulders as he created a beautiful solo goal that saw his side come back to 1-1. usaGareth Bale’s injury was too much for him to handle and he needed to get subbed off in the 38th minute. Then came half time and Barca from the start came out ready to get on top of this game. After many chances from both sides, Rakitic scored an absolute banger from outside the box in the 73rd minute to bring the visitors back on top. To make the match even more exciting, Sergio Ramosdownload came out with a leg-breaking tackle on Lionel Messi that saw him receive a straight red (his 22nd for Real Madrid) which left Madrid in 10 men for the most intense part of the game. Yet Barca had an extremely poor reaction to this as they started playing really sloppy defense. One commentator even said, “Real Madrid may have one player down, but it seems like they have 2 more than Barcelona”. James Rodriguez got an amazing pass from the one-and-only Marcelo and put that in the back of the net to bring it back to 2-2 in the 85th minute which sort of let everyone know that the game was going to finish at a tie. But then Real Madrid got a bit cocky and decided to play with their hearts and not their heads and sent too many numbers up forward in the last few minutes of the game. Sergi Roberto got an interception and brought it all the way up to the opposing box, gave a pass to Andre Gomes, who waited and gave a pass to Jordi Alba, who one-touch passed it to Messi in the Madrid box, and Messi buried it in the back of the net with the last kick of the match and sent his team home with a W and a 2-3 victory. Plus, he gave the most iconic Messi moment to date in which he took off his shirt (and got a yellow for it) and showed it to all the Real Madrid fans to see, all for his 500th career goal. download

SOOO now that the game is over, what does it mean for the two teams? Well, Barcelona is now in first place in La Liga but Real Madrid have a game in hand. textThis means that in order for Barcelona to win the title, they need to win all of their games (which is a tough schedule by the way) and Real Madrid needs to lose one of their games. The most Real Madrid can afford to slack off is to draw one of their games, and that would mean that they would win the league by one point. Funny how all of that can happen just because some players wanted to win for pride instead of playing it safe with a draw and solidifying their hold on the league title. I guess the moral for this blog is to not always think with your heart, but use your head to lol.

I hope that you guys don’t mind that I changed up this post a little bit. I thought that maybe some people did not know that I was a soccer fan and I wanted to let a few of my emotions go on here. Please like, comment, and share this blog if you enjoyed!

Jake 😀




This is a topic that truly gave me a lot to think about. It seems like it has infiltratedtext our daily  lives in such a way that we don’t even realize that we are gossiping. But wait a minute—is gossiping WRONG? If so, how come? Why is it so enjoyable to do then? If not, why does it feel tense when the person you were talking about walks by? Why is there sometimes guilt when you talk to that person later? In this blog, I will do my best to answer some of these questions and maybe some more based on truths that I found apparent in my life.

I would first like to answer this first and, in my opinion, most important question. Is gossiping WRONG? Some may argue that it depends on what kind of gossip. For example, if you are talking about one’s current physical condition (i.e. someone is in the hospital) then there is no harm done, right? While on the other hand, if you are talking about how bad an individual did when you played basketball with them, you could really offend the downloadperson so it’s bad gossip. That’s a solid argument in my book. Personally, I do believe that there is some truth to that. Due to my strong belief in Christianity, I turn to the Bible to get the answers to questions that I have difficulties answering. Here is a good link with 100 Bible verses about gossip. After reading a few of these, it is VERY difficult to still argue that gossip is good, but the previous example can still stand within the boundaries set by the Bible. Ephesians 4:29 in the ESV says, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” What is this saying? Gossip that is just plain bad and will not build anyone up but is just corrupting those around you is EVIL. downloadDO NOT DO IT. On the contrary, Paul commands us to build one another up. But then I ask myself, is there such thing as GOOD gossip? Let me give you an example. A while ago I was speaking with the youth pastor at our church (who happens to also be named Paul) about some things that were going on in my life. During that talk, he told me of one or two stories about people in our church that I did not necessarily NEED to know, but they were used as a moral to teach me how to get through what was going on (it is worth mentioning that he did not do this with any testimony, only ones that he was given permission to tell by the individuals who had the stories). I believe that it is these kinds of situations where we are permitted to say things that we normally wouldn’t because they “[fit] the occasion, that it [gives] grace to those who hear it” (Ephesians 4:29 ESV). Therefore, there is a bit of a gray area in which gossiping can be beneficial.

So then why is gossiping so enjoyable? And why is there a guilt factor to it? I say we go back to the Bible. Hebrews 11:25 talks about the “pleasures of sin”. So sin, although wrong, FEELS good. Just because something feels good, does that make it right? If a thief’s hobby is stealing and loves doing so, does that make it moral? usaOf course not! In the same way, gossiping may make us feel warm and fuzzy, but that does not mean that we should do it. I believe that the same evidence answers the second question posed in this paragraph as well. Why is there guilt? BECAUSE ITS STILL WRONG. The same way that you (hopefully) feel guilty when you lie to your parents because you know its wrong, you should feel guilty when you gossip and see the person because you basically lied to them in the face by speaking behind their back.

Where’s the limit then? What can/can’t we say? I didn’t find a Bible verse to back this next statement up except for “do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31 NIV). This can only be applied here to some extent though. For example, I like to roast people in such a way that they know I’m joking and I love it when people roast me too. two young girls laughing behind another girls backI was born with thicker skin in that respect. I also know that (sadly) I am one of the few born this way. Many times I find myself saying things that I know I would laugh at if they were being said to me, but the person I am talking to takes serious offence. I know it sucks for me, but I am still the one at fault for saying those things, even though I treated others the way that I wanted to be treated. Therefore, I have come up with the following solution: don’t say things behind peoples’ back that you wouldn’t say to their face. And even then, make sure that it is necessary to say those things. That last part is really important. Two days ago, there was some sort of conflict between two individuals at a park while we were playing volleyball. It got pretty heated at one moment and although it resolved without violence, one cannot really say that it was peaceful resolution. I bring this up because yesterday night I was with a group of friends and one of them that was present at the day prior’s event asked me about my opinion of what had occurred. I was about to answer and then I stopped myself and thought, What is the point of me saying this? Is there any iPhone-7-control-center-Bluetoothpoint, or am I just adding more wood on the fire? I politely answered to the friend that asked me the question, “I do have an opinion on what happened, but I do not see the point of stating it. I think that this would just be gossip and is not something that is necessary to be spoken about.” I was scared as to what this individual would reply to me at this point. I thought I for sure made myself out to be a sissy. Yet to my surprise, they answered “Hey, I can respect that. You’re right.” I was amazed. It seemed that I had earned myself more respect by answering in that manner than I would have if I answered her question!

I tell you all of these things in hopes that you would truly consider the things that I have written about. I ask you to truly examine yourselves and your stance on this topic. Are you the one that gossips? iPhone-7-control-center-BluetoothIf so, take James 1:26 into account: “If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless.” Or are you one who spends their time with gossipers and slanderers? I warn you from the bottom of my heart, for we all know those types of people. The ones that you need to watch yourself and your tongue extra carefully with because you know that nothing is safe with them. The Wise King Solomon writes in Proverbs, “Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a simple babbler.” Examine your friends and see if you are in the right crowd of people. If you find yourself not to be, I’m not saying to dump the bad friends and say nothing to them, but instead I urge you for your own benefit to not stay so close to them.

Thanks for reading,

Jake 😀

Wasting your life away

Lately, I’ve been thinking worlda lot about time. This is probably because I feel like I haven’t been having lots of time to do what I like to do, such as playing/listening to music, sports, and hanging out with my friends (yes I have friends thank you very much). This led me to think a lot about the time that people, especially us teens, waste doing unproductive. So without further ado, I shall end my prologue here and begin my next blog now.

I hear so many people complain that they are so stresseddownload out about school and homework. This is something that I personally cannot understand. I am taking advanced classes at school, involved in my church a lot (I go to church about five times a week), and take extra-curricular music classes that require me to practice even more on my own time. Then I hear someone who I know takes the average classes and isn’t involved in anything complain about being too busy. What??? How??? Upon further investigation of their lives, I was able to come up with some reasons that I see in my younger generation for our “busyness”. I will share 3 ways to have a more productive day.

The first is to put your phone away while doing homework or something productive. Take it out of your room. Don’t be anywhere near it. This has two main benefits: work quality and speed. When you have your phone in your room, you will find yourself texting people, looking at people’s stories on Snapchat, and browsing your Instagram feed—I guarantee it. This is obviously going to make doing your homework take a lot longer. But reguworldlarly checking your phone while doing assignments will also cause your end product to lack the preeminence that it could potentially have. This is because you kept your mind from getting completely submerged into the assignment. Instead the assignment was done half-heartedly and you will have forgotten everything that you di
d. Plus, if there’s a quiz in your class the next day on the assignment, you will not do too great if you didn’t pay attention to the homework 🙂 . Now I’m not saying not to take breaks as you do your homework, because that is also bad for you. In fact, I highly recommend that you take short breaks during your homework periods, just don’t take the break(s) in the middle of an assignment. I personally do it after I complete my homework for a certain class (i.e. between Spanish and Math)

The second tip I have is to sleep with your cell phone outside of your room and to do so at a reasonable hour. Having a lack of sleep is extremely stressful the next day. You go through every class miserable and retaining little to no jjinformation. Lack of sleep has also been proved to be bad for you when you have to take a test or quiz. Having a phone in your room is an easy temptation to lose lots of sleep—not to mention the other risks of having your phone with you while you sleep. Also, it is recommended that teens need to have between 9 to 9 ½ hours of sleep per night, while the average sleep time for a teen is 7 to 7 ¼ hours of sleep. For school, I wake up at 6:30. This means that I should be sleeping by 9:30 (which I must admit happens very rarely). My school ends at 2:50. Almost 7 hours is a lot of time to finish my homework, all of my responsibilities, and still have fun 😉

Finally, the last tip I have is to be careful what you do in your free time. Instagram, Snapchat, and texting all have their place, but there’s more to you than that. What do youdownload ENJOY doing? Personally, I love playing instruments and talking to people. Those are the things that
I enjoy in life. So when it comes to free time, be careful what you go to. Is it something
that although relaxing, can be productive? For example, music can be productive for me because I can use it to play in my church and even to make money in the future through gigs and private lessons. Is what you use to “escape” from stress productive, or is it just purely a waste of time, like watching TV or playing video games? Think about what you do when you have nothing to do.

Thank you for actually reading all of this. I hope that what I said would truly make you think
about how to be a lot less stressed out and not waste the time that you have each day. After all, time is the most precious thing in the world, for it cannot be bought, gained over time, stolen. Time is time, and ours is limited. Be careful what you do every minute, for that is a minute that we can never get back.iPhone-7-control-center-Bluetooth



It was just a mater of time before I got to this great topic.

Everyone has loved this game at one point, no matter how “too cool for dat” they seem to play it. That’s a fact.

I personally have so many memories from this game. Oh boy, don’t even get me started. The trolling of people, the teaming up with people and having the best of time destroying everyone’s homes. Ah, the good ole’ days.

I remember how I always wanted to play on servers but my computer was horribly laggy and I wouldn’t be able to see anything when I would try to log on. Because of this, I found great joy in watching my friends play online when I was at their house. I would always decline when they asked me to play because… well… I sucked 😀

The most popular server back then was Mineplex. I don’t know what’s popular now because I haven’t played in a long time. I remember that I was SO addicted to playing the Hunger Games minigame on the server. I sucked so bad at it :D. Yet isn’t it funny how sometimes people (especially noobs) seem to still want to do something regardless of how good they are at it. I guess that counts as either a positive look at life or a time-consuming addiction. Depends on how you look at it lol ;).

It’s funny how if you’re over 12 and still play Minecraft then you’re looked down upon for playing “baby games”. Yet the same people that make fun are the same ones that are spending all their time playing games like GTA, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. I’m not trying to compare the amount of fun in each of the games, but this is where I appreciate Minecraft as being a game that is at least a little bit more moral. The above mentioned games use such morbid language and have some very obsene scenes and themes that I’m surprised they were even allowed to be sold! Since those the games that are being played by today’s adolescents, they are teaching that living immoral lives is the norm! They are foolishly taught that cussing and drugs and other “bad” things are supposed to be part of every day life! That’s not good! At least Minecraft creates a safe environment!

Looking back, this blog went from Minecraft to videogames in general lol. Thanks for reading and see y’all next time 😀


The 21st Century. An era that seems to be ran by some really time-consuming things: cell phones.

A while back, the telegraph was invented. It was an incredible way to be able to communicate to others through a digital letter. Then came calling. That must have seemed like an insane idea when it came out. Imagine the thought of talking to a piece of plastic with some holes in it and hearing someone respond back from it! Astonishing! These days, we seem to have preferred moving back to the telegraph sort of thinking, because we prefer to spend 2 hours of writing things down and receiving them in order to have a conversation of 2-3 minutes on a phone call.

Either way, texting is EXTREMELY popular. It has become the go-to form of communication.

For some.

I’m one of those people who will answer to anything that people will communicate to me about in under 10 minutes max of receiving the message. Sadly, though, there are not very people left that still do this.

There are some who check their phones on a once-a-day basis. There are some that see hear their phone ring but just don’t feel like answering. Then there are some that everyone hates who just come on a group chat VERY rarely and then just spam a bunch of stuff. Or (what I think is the worst) there are some jerks out there who open the message, read what you say, and then don’t reply—even if they were asked a question!

We all know those people. Maybe YOU are one of those people. So let me just say on behalf of everyone who actually cares about others… STOP!

I can say from personal experience that it is one of the most enraging things to desperately need an answer from someone and I just cannot seem to get a hold of them within like 3 hours!

Please note, I am not encouraging people to spend more time on their phones. I honestly do not consider myself to spend THAT much time on my phone. What I do instead is these two things: I do not participate in group chats and such that do not benefit me in any way whatsoever (I do participate in ones that are either advantageous or relaxing/disconnecting) and I keep my phone near me almost all the time. This way, I know that the notifications that I receive are important and that I can answer.

I do have my limits, though. For example, I do not keep my phone near me when I sleep, do homework that requires me to focus, or am studying my Bible. In those times, I firmly believe that anything that someone will call/text me about is not as important as what I am currently doing. Sleep is something that is very precious in my life, especially when it is very scarce to get a good amount of it. Some homework just doesn’t require that much focus (such as math) because it is just numbers and such. Other assignments, such as some Biology and English stuff, makes the utmost attention an absolute necessity. Studying the Bible doesn’t even need me to explain why it’s so important.

Here’s the point of my blog: Don’t give people half-answers. Don’t force people to ask themselves questions about the conversation after the conversation is over.

Here’s an example: You’re checking your Instagram feed before you leave for school on a Wednesday. All of a sudden, you receive a text from your mom (who left for work about 2 minutes prior) saying, “Don’t forget to take out the trashes!”

What do you do? Do you just go take the trash and then head to school? Do you just not do anything? Do you reply, “Haha no. Forget you, mom,”???


Especially not that last one J

Instead, you should reply, “OK,” (or just “K” if you’re one of those ballers 😉 ) and then go ahead and take the trash out. After doing so, text her again saying something along the lines of, “Done.” This way, you don’t leave any questions for your Mom to wonder, Hmm… I wonder if he read my text… Do you think that he did it? Should I maybe call him to get his attention? See? Question-proof answers are the way to go J

Please follow my advice and please continue your kind feedback, my growing audience ❤ 😉

Why’s every 4th Thursday in November so special?!?

Thanksgiving is either coming up, here, or has just passed (depending on when you read this). I hope that you all had a great time pretending to enjoy spending time with your families, gaining another 60 pounds, and the best part, NO SCHOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re anything like me, though, you have a bunch of homework anyways. I vacationed to Beaver Creek, Colorado,  this week and I’ve been doing homework every day :/ . It’s Wednesday as I write this and I still have an essay to write. Well, I have an entire day of driving back to look forward to 🙂 .

ANYWAY, I wanted to write about Thanksgiving in this “edition” (is that what this is called?). For some reason, it was decided that every fourth Thursday of the month of November would be known as a national day of thanks. That was such a good idea! Yet while many people like to see Thanksgiving as a once-a-year thing, I wish that people would see it as a reminder of everyday life.

This is what I mean: Thanksgiving was meant to be a day to do what the name means, to give thanks. My question, though, is how come this is only done once a year– if that (most people don’t even take some time to reflect on their blessings on Thanksgiving). Do your blessings exemplify more on that day compared to other days? Here’s my point: Thanksgiving should be a reminder for what we should be doing every day, reflecting on all that we’ve been given. I’m guilty of not doing this too. There’s never a time when you can be too thankful.

I have another challenge for you guys. No matter when you read this, I want you to find a day of the week where you’ll take some time to reflect on everything in your life that you’ve been blessed with. Don’t stop until your list gets ten items. Once that day of the week comes up again, add another ten things on the same list without repeating yourself. The challenge is to be able to do this for 4 months. That’s only 160 things, you can do it 🙂 .

This whole discussion brings up an important question, though. There are only two times when you say “Thank you”: when you give someone something and they don’t thank you for it so you say it for them and when someone else gives you something. In this case, the reason must be the latter. So then whom are we thanking? Who gave us something that triggers us to thank the being for the gift? As a strong Christian believer, I would argue that this being must be God.

I believe that everything we were/are given is a blessing from God. There’s no way that I would be where I am without His blessings. He gave me a family that supports me, money to be able to go on vacations, friends that I know would stick by me in times of trouble, EVERYTHING. He even gives me OXYGEN! Look, I’m already like halfway through my first day’s list 😀 .

Whoever you believe is the one that deserves to be thanked is up to you. That may be family members, friends, a supernatural being, etc. I just implore you to truly research and ask around about my faith 🙂 .

This concludes my 5th blog post. Please continue to leave some sweet comments and ideas for me to blog about. See ya next time, folks XD .

Take a Stand

Since no one has recommended me anything to do (again), I decided to just blog about my own type of topic.

Take a Stand.

Such a cliche statement, yet it is so powerful.

When we were created, we were given the greatest gift that anyone can receive: the ability to choose. Instead of being programmed robots with no ability to make any choice, we were blessed with being able to have our own opinions about stuff.

Come to think of it, that sounds just like what my blog is about :); believing in something and then telling everyone about it. What a powerful gift that is.

I guess that this blog is just to encourage you guys to make use of this gift that we have. If you have an opinion, don’t hold back about it! I have a big problem where I care too much about what people think. This blog helps me to counter that. I am able to just sit down, think, and pour out my feelings on a digital page and not care who reads it. It’s pretty great. I encourage you guys, though, to not have to be like me. Be able to say what you want to say wherever you are. Don’t be afraid of what others say! If you believe that, I don’t know, ice cream is not as good as gelato, then say it! What is the worst thing that can happen? Someone says, “I disagree”? So what! Argue your point! It’s fun!

Or how about these elections? I am personally a Trump supporter. I take a stand in my beliefs on his political views. I like to do that. You guys may favor Hillary Clinton over him, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Even though she lost, it isn’t wrong to have opposing views about it with somebody!

There’s a catch though. Please be polite about it. Usually when you have a stance on something, you are trying to convince others to have the same position. From my past experience, I can tell you that getting all up in someone’s face and yelling about why you believe what you do will not work. It will just push them farther away from embracing your beliefs. No, the best way is to, nicely and politely, explain to them why your position is better. To bring it back to elections, VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER. Sure, riots are fine (but I don’t know what that will help you with) but this (excuse the language) is just going too far! What do you expect to happen?!? THIS MUST STOP!!!!! YOU’RE NOT CONVINCING ANYBODY TO DO ANYTHING BUT ARREST YOU THIS WAY!!!!

I know that this was not really your typical funny and innocent blog from me, but I feel that it was necessary regardless. Consider this measly high school student’s blog a call for unity. Please America, unite under the president which YOU selected as a country through the system in which YOU supported ever since the establishment of our country! Please, America, please.