Wisdom Tug-of-War

Childhood vs. Adulthood

Isn’t it funny how–at least for me–as kids, we wished we were adults or at least older usakids? I remember how one of my parents’ main reasons for why I couldn’t do something was because I was too young. My parents and everyone older than me always told me to cherish my youth and not wish desperately to be older. They said to enjoy the time that I’m in iPhone-7-control-center-Bluetoothelementary school and don’t have lots of homework. I was told to develop my passions and get even better at what I was good at. “Don’t waste this time wishing you were already older,” everyone would tell me. “You have no idea the responsibilities and stress that comes with age and maturity. Have fun NOW because later, you may not be able to.”

But I couldn’t do that.

I remember that I had a friend who was a year older than me come over once and my mom CLEARLY put more ice cream in the cup that she gave to him and I iPhone-7-control-center-Bluetoothwas super upset. “Mom, how come Bartholomew (not his actual name lol) gets more ice cream than I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That’s not fairrrrrrr…” My mom replied, “He’s older and needs to eat more. When you’re his age, you can have that much ice cream too.” To make matters worse, “Bartholomew’s” brother, Alfred (Once again not his actual name lol), was there too and he was a year younger than me. He didn’t want all of his ice cream and told my mom. My mom decided to give it to BARTHOLOMEW and NOT TO ME even though he already had more ice cream to start with. That was one of the main events that led to me desperately wishing time could fly so that I can have larger portions of ice cream and that I’d have the freedom to drive and not have to obey these “strict” parents that I have that don’t let me do anything fun.

Still, my parents fought for my good by helping me to not waste my youth. They put me in music classes where I developed the skills to play the instruments that I do play. They texttaught me the values of church and being a true Christian so that I would be a better person and that I would be used by The Lord in whatever he sees fit for me to do. They taught me the importance of education and helped me to become a good scholar with good grades to ensure a future full of opportunities for myself. They taught me respect for others and being polite to those who are older than I. They taught me how to be social and make the friends that I have. They taught me how to have good, clean fun and to be a funny person. They taught me how to manage my money and not overspend. All of these are things that today I cannot live without, nor would I be able to learn had it not been taught to me in my early-er years.

Of course, I didn’t think of it that way. I saw everything that they were doing iPhone-7-control-center-Bluetoothas if was solely to destroy me and to keep me in their limits. I hated the fact that I was restrained and not allowed to be my own person. I saw our family Bible Devotions as plain boring and wished I could be doing something else. I hated the fact that they wouldn’t buy me the latest video-game consoles, because it wasn’t like they didn’t have the money. Music lessons made me so mad and so depressed sometimes because I just wasn’t very good at what I was doing, and I saw my parents as cruel people for making me do all of those.

Now, I look sometimes at my little sister and I’m filled with envy. I wish I was her age again. I wish she could understand the things that I’m trying to tell her, to enjoy being yountextg and not having to worry about school projects, money, TIME. But then I stop and realize that it won’t work–she will not understand. After all, I didn’t. I didn’t listen to those who told me to cherish my youth, so she won’t listen to me either. She doesn’t realize the stress┬áthat comes with getting older. The late nights you need to spend in order to finish your homework; the real problems that come towards you as opposed to the pointless drama you faced when you were a kid; the addictions that you may fall into if you’re not strong enough to withstand their tug. Ah, if only she could understand.

Jasmine, if you’re reading this, please take into account what I’ve said. Don’t be upset with mom and dad. Be careful, but have fun. Don’t waste your time away, because you will not get any minutes you spend back. I can’t wait for the day when you will come to me and say the words, “You were right”. You’ll see ­čÖé