Blogging — for me

It looks like I’m coming up on my last blog. It’s been a long journey, but my bloggithinkng time is coming to an end. This really begged the question of me, what should my last blog be about? I wanted to have it be truly something that would make people think and just sit down a bit as they read it. I ended up deciding on this: I was gonna blog about blogging.

What exactly am I focusing on about blogging though? Let me start with me because I’m selfish. I honestly blogging has been fun atextnd a great place to really jot down my thoughts. I really think that I was able to make this thing what I originally intended for it to be—a place where I can truly dive into the heart of topics and formulate my own opinions about things and maybe even shed those opinions onto others in the process. Lets be honest, though, I haven’t ALWAYS enjoyed writing these. TiPhone-7-control-center-Bluetoothake right now for example as I write this thing an hour before its due, just hoping that I’ll finish in time to get 100%. You see that’s the thing, this blog was pushed onto us in such a way that it was made not as enjoyable with all the due dates and harsh requirements that we had to meet (I say “we” meaning us as a 9th grade English class). It begs a few questions, like, would we even blog if we had no deadline or grade weight? I’m gonna be honest and answer for nearly everyone by saying no, we wouldn’t. Here’s another question: did this help anyone Businessman Overwhelmed with Paperworkto find a passion for blogging or was it just “busywork”? I cannot answer this one for everybody, but as for me, I did enjoy this a lot more than I thought I would. It gives you a really weird feeling knowing that whatever you write will be seen by someone else, maybe even someone you don’t know. That being said, I cannot go so far as to say that I will continue doing this in the future after it doesn’t count as part of my grade anymore.

Do you know anyone that actually enjoys blogging? I know someone who actually wtextent pretty far into the blogging world and co-owned a pretty big blog. I don’t remember what exactly it was about, but I do recall that it had to do with something I wasn’t very interested in. That’s the weird part about blogging. You can have what seems like the most boring blog in the world, but if you give some effort on it, there’s bound to be ONE person in the blogging world that will stumble upon your work at one point in their reading and find it interesting and boom, you have a follower. textToo bad the real world (as opposed to the virtual blogging world) is not as accepting as that. It seems like there is a box built around certain things that you can’t “make it” in unless you’re a pro. For example, I have a friend who is an amazing artist and this person is stuck not knowing what to do because her passion is not as accepted in this world as is, lets say, someone with a love for biology. I feel like the blogging world is much more accepting when it comes to something like that than is the true reality, so thank you for that blogging world 🙂

Another amazing thing about blogging is the diversity in what can be accepted as a “blog”. Some of my best friends have blogs and we’re all very different when it comes to textwhat we blog about. I have one friend whose blog is all about short stories that he writes. I have another friend who comments on music for a blog. Heck, I even know some people in my class that run meme pages as their blog. The blogging world is so open into what they accept and do not accept that it’s like ANYTHING you can think about can be blogged.

Here’s the main point I’m driving at: YOU can write a blog to. It’s easy, simple, free, and fun! Literally all you need to do is go to and follow their instructions. You’ll find yourself the proud owner of a blog in NO time! Remember, you can blog about ANYTHING and as long as you give it the right tags, you can have yourself a bunch of followers too! What are you waiting for?? Go give it a try!



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Hope you enjoyed and thanks for the great run 😀